The CLUB for YOUth



Our Formula For Impact integrates all of our youth in an outcome driven club experience to achieve our three priority outcomes: Academic Success, Good Character & Citizenship and Healthy LifeStyles. We achieve this through these key program areas:


The Learning Center

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During the school year, our Learning Center is open for members to complete their homework with a dedicated staff member that is there to help with difficult problems and questions.  During the summer program and when school is out, the learning center is used to open the door to a world of information and understanding.


Focusing on creative collaboration, theArts program expands the minds and imagination of our members while defining their creative skills and interests. From weekly drawing programs to understanding the water cycle, theARTS is opening the minds. “the EARTH without ART is just eh…” author unknown

Technology Center


The Technology Center provides basic training to familiarize youth with technology, particularly basic computer skills, productivity software and Internet use. In an age dominated by online interaction, social responsibility is the most important tool we can teach our members.


Healthy LifeStyles

This program challenges members to become healthy and active by learning ways to eat nutritionally, manage stress, manage physical fitness and form positive relationships with peers. The Healthy Lifestyle initiative nurtures the minds, bodies and souls of Club members.


With our Club being open all day on Fridays we are now incorporating groups within the Club to focus on specific skill sets our members need.

Torch Club

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The “Student Council” of our Club. Torch Club is a powerful vehicle through which Club staff can help meet the special character development needs of younger adolescents at a critical stage in their life. Torch Club members learn to elect officers and work together to implement activities in four areas: service to Club and community; education; health and fitness; and social recreation. Torch Club is for our members 11 and up.

Smart Girls

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Encouraging young women to have healthy attitudes and lifestyles, SMART Girls helps them reach their full potential. Through dynamic sessions and group activities, Club girls enjoy the opportunity to build skills for eating right, staying physically fit, getting good health care, developing positive relationships and understanding the physical and emotional changes girls experience. Smart Girls is for our girls that are 8-10 years old.

Passport to Manhood

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Passport to Manhood concentrates on a specific aspect of character and manhood through highly interactive activities. Each Club participant receives his own “passport” to underscore the notion that he is on a personal journey of maturation and growth. The program includes a service project where boys learn the importance of giving back to the community. Passport to Manhood represents a targeted effort to engage young boys in discussions and activities that reinforce character, leadership and positive behavior. Passport to Manhood focuses on boys that are 8-10 years old.  

Healthy Habits

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Designed to incorporate healthy living and active learning in every part of the Club experience, Healthy Habits emphasizes good nutrition, regular physical activity and improving overall well-being. This program, for ages 5, 6 and 7, is the Mind component of Triple Play: A Game Plan for the Mind, Body and Soul.

The Club is open on FRIDAYS! 

In addition to our regular programming, we have some special programs just on Friday.