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The goal of our Club has always been to enhance programs that have been eliminated or minimized within our school curriculum. The CLUB for YOUth is open 253 days per year compared to 180 days for the schools. The growing need for such programs has become even more apparent through recent data published by Expect More Arizona.

  • 80% of our 8th Grade students cannot pass the Arizona Merit Math Test.
  • 68% of our 3rd grade student cannot pass the Arizona Merit Reading Test
  • 26% of our high school students will not graduate in 4 years
  • 53% of our high school students will not attain a post-secondary education

The Learning Center provides homework assistance and special math programs on Fridays. In addition, we have a tutor that comes in every Friday to assist our members who are struggling in theses core areas. 

In addition to the needs arising in the educational system, Kingman families experience other challenges as well:

4-Day School Weeks

We continue to ensure The CLUB for YOUth is a resource for families when school is out. We’ve added additional staff and programming to help accommodate all parents on Fridays and holidays. Additionally, many families previously relied on the food programs provided by the schools to help buffer the costs of breakfast and lunch. In 2017, we began a program funded in part by the USDA food program to ensure that no child is going hungry.

Program Costs

It will always be our objective to make sure that no child is turned away from the Club due to the parents’ inability to pay. Our scholarship program was created to ensure our objective is a driving force. We issue scholarships to families who are at or below 138% of the poverty level.